G.O.T.A. (Growing Our Transformational Art) is our monthly membership program that allows you to easily support our transformative work by making a recurring contribution of at least $5 each month. "Gota" means "drop" in Spanish. Those monthly "drops" of $5, $10, or $15 add up to help us build a new generation of leaders who move through the world with confidence and love, creating the society they know is possible.

G.O.T.A. members (also known as "Gotitas") receive:

  • Monthly updates on CONTRA-TIEMPO’s events and happenings
  • A CONTRA-TIEMPO button and sticker to show your love for our work
  • A link to a play list of music, curated by our company members, that we use to warm up, get down, and groove
  • 10% off any CONTRA-TIEMPO merchandise
  • 10% off tickets to CONTRA-TIEMPO shows
  • Invitation to “Sabor Sessions” (dance classes)
  • Invitations to be host committee members for CONTRA-TIEMPO special events 

become a "gotita" today!


Check out these videos of some of our community partners talking about how CONTRA-TIEMPO'S work has impacted them, and why it's important to support the company.

Ana Infante - Educator and Community Partner

Angela Richardson - Community Partner

Sheetal Gandhi - Director, Choreographer/Performance Artist

Ria - Dancer