In 2014, we recognized that it was critical to build a continuum of dance leadership development, as there are few spaces where youth of color and low-income youth can access that honor and teach their cultures, that encourage and cultivate their critical minds, and that nurture their development as whole, healthy, visionary leaders.

Our Junior Company is a year-round pre-professional program for high school youth that:

  • Grounds participants in the foundations of the Urban Latin Dance technique
  • Develops their leadership and life skills
  • Prepares them to successfully apply to and enter college-level dance programs
  • Provides them opportunities for public performance

Junior Company members do not need prior formal dance training. They just have to have a passion for dance, a passion for developing into the leaders they know they can be, and a passion for helping transform the world.

The Junior Company meets and rehearses twice per week in master classes led by CONTRA-TIEMPO's professional company and by the Futuro Program Director. Participants form a close bond through team-building work, organized outings to cultural and social events, and stretching themselves and supporting each other to be vulnerable, genuine artists. 

All rehearsals for the Futuro Junior Company take place at the Loyola Marymount University Dance Program's beautiful, professional dance studios.

The Futuro Junior Company does not charge for participation, but in order to help support the costs of the program, we ask all participants to become "Gotitas", through our monthly membership program, G.O.T.A.  

If you're interested in receiving more information about the Futuro Junior Company, please fill out this form, and we will contact you.