Futuro's impact is far greater than solely being a space for young dancers to learn choreography. It is about developing the whole person--an artist comfortable in the ways her body moves, a thinker confident in sharing his ideas and asking questions, an individual who believes that she is connected to a greater whole and who has genuine compassion for humanity. Futuro builds dancer leaders who move through the world creating what they know to be right and good. More than half of our professional Senior Company matriculated through either the Futuro Summer Dance Intensive or the Junior Company. Beyond that, though, Futuro is inspiring beautiful change. 

Hear these testimonials of current Futuro members, describing how being part of the CONTRA-TIEMPO familia is shaping their social, creative, and intellectual development. Consider supporting their continued growth, by contributing to our ambitious $30,000 fundraising campaign to support the Futuro program. 

Futuro member, Jose Richard Aviles, describes how his 10-year relationship with CONTRA-TIEMPO has helped shaped his chosen career path, using creative social work with LGBT youth.

Futuro member, "East Los" Liz, discusses how significant it is that CONTRA-TIEMPO's work addresses stories that aren't heard in mainstream media.

Futuro member, Sandra Parra, describes how she found "meaningful movement" through CONTRA-TIEMPO.