Your thoughts and reactions to the work that we create fuels our creative process as much as the stories that we collect and embody in our work. We sincerely believe that through experiencing art and through engaging in genuine conversations about what that art raises for us, humanity can heal and transform. 

Agua Furiosa takes on some huge, heavy themes: racism, objectification of the female body, internalized oppression and internalized racism, wasteful consumption, to name a few. Please use the comments as a space for sharing questions, sharing reactions and thoughts, and engaging with each other, as we grapple with all of these themes.  

What did you see and experience in the piece?

What were the points of tension you felt?

Which Caliban resonated most with you? Why?

Which Caliban did you not connect with or understand?

Who was Ella, to you, and what did you think she wanted from her children?

What confused or bothered you?